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Museum and Art Education

In art, energy flows! What is the importance of museum and art education?

The human is a thinking and sentient object. Art is a wonderful way of dealing with emotions: merely looking already makes you feel. At the same time, one´s own attitude towards things can be recognized.

The artist has an opportunity to make visible things such as current phenomena. Attitudes also inhabit the visual arts. They can be unconscious, yet they arise one way or another. For example, people can think differently about a work that represents nudity. This can be a result of one´s own cultural background or personal experience. Attitudes differ. Art serves as a mirror for the type of culture you have grown up in. It reveals how you feel about things or how you handle things. Art depicts what is going on in your head.

One can get energy from art, because artists put their own energy into the work. That energy is transferred to the audience. Art can cause joy or trigger anxiety. It can also be therapeutic. One is never too young or too old to explore art. Audio and intensive language courses are common today, so why not immersion in the visual arts!

Humans seek aesthetic experiences during every phase of life. The importance of art education is that people learn to grasp and organize the visual world. With the help of art education, people can discover their own resources to understand the visual environment.

Learn in the Museum

Fun workshops and tours that are custom-made for groups enrich visits to the Art Museum. Also check out what can be found in the reserve library of the Art Museum.


During many art exhibitions, workshops for children are organized. Among other things in the workshops, felting and graphic printing have been taught, as well as making small sculptures and 3D greeting cards. In general, the workshop´s theme has something to do with the current exhibition.

Guided tours

A guided tour in the Salo Art Museum can be tailored in accord with your wishes. Guided tours are applicable, for example, for daycare children, schoolchildren or high-school students. During exhibitions, it is often possible for the whole group to participate in various workshops. Information about upcoming workshops is sent directly to daycares and schools. Reserve a visit from the information desk at tel. (02) 778 4892 or by e-mail:

Reference library

In the Art Museum exhibition area is a reference library, which is available to everyone without any entrance fee. If you only visit the reference library, you do not have to pay the Art Museum entrance fee. In any case, please tell the front desk where you´re going.

The books in the Art Museum´s reference library cannot be borrowed, but they are available for reading on the premises, preferably in the library. There is literature on the field of art, as well as art magazines. The books are listed in Salo library´s SALOMO database.

The library is located on the right side of the entrance hall in a loft above the second exhibition hall. Access to the library is via stairs and it is difficult for the disabled. If you take books for reading, please remember to return them to the shelf afterwards. Thank you!