Salo Art Museum Roundhouse
Mariankatu 14, 24240 Salo
Tel. +358 (0)2 778 4892



The Salo Art Museum Roundhouse is located in the center of Salo at 14 Mariankatu. The building is the old roundhouse at the intersection of Mariankatu and Joensuukatu. Salo is as easy to reach by train and bus as by car. Salo is 50 km from Turku and 110 km from Helsinki. Salo is part of Southwest Finland.

Are you coming by train?

The museum is a trip of about 200 meters from the Salo train station. From the station there is a direct walkway to the destination, and the journey takes just a few minutes. Trains come from Turku and Helsinki to the Salo train station once every hour (during the day on weekdays). Directions for pedestrians: When you arrive at the train station, go to platform 1. When your back is towards the track and you are standing on Pier 1, proceed to the left. Directly ahead is a parking lot, next to which is a big grain silo. From the end of the parking lot runs a walkway that leads directly to the Art Museum. After walking up the road about 200 meters, you end up in the Salo Art Museum yard. Go around the building and you will find the main entrance.

Are you coming by bus?

It is just a few minutes´ walk from the bus station to the museum. The bus station is about a block away from the museum. Directions for pedestrians: When you arrive at the bus station, turn from the platform to Mariankatu. You will find Mariankatu by looking towards a large grain silo and the old SSO building. Go up Mariankatu to the right (in the direction of the Neste gas station) for about 200 meters. Then you are at the Salo Art Museum. Cross the road (Mariankatu) and you are in the lot of the Art Museum.

Are you coming by car?

Salo is located along the Turku-Helsinki freeway (E18). From the road there is a marked route to the museum. The Roundhouse´s brick tower is a good landmark. Outside is a parking area for cars and buses.

Salo Art Museum Roundhouse
Mariankatu 14
24240 Salo Finland

tel. +358 2 7784892