Salo Art Museum Roundhouse
Mariankatu 14, 24240 Salo
Tel. +358 (0)2 778 4892



The Salo Art Museum is partially accessible. Fully accessible are four large exhibition halls, the cafeteria, an auditorium and toilet facilities. They are all located on the ground floor, and there are no steps or thresholds to impede mobility.

However, the small meeting room and exhibition room situated in the tower, as well as the library in the loft, are difficult for disabled to access because of stairs.

Personal assistants, guides and interpreters have access to the exhibition free of charge. It is not allowed to bring dogs into the museum, with the exception of assistance dogs, which are welcome.

Explore the Roundhouse floorplan.

Explore accessibility to the Art Museum premises in more detail For more information on accessibility or assistance, inquire from the museum´s information desk: tel. (02) 778 4892