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26.5.-16.9. Herb Ritts, In Full Light
International Photographic Exhibition

American Herb Ritts (1952-2002) rose to worldwide fame mostly because of his black-and-white fashion prints and portraits of public figures. Ritts´ career as a photographer began in the 1970s. With his sculpture-like fashion images his reputation grew to the point that he started working with top fashion designers such as Giorgio Armani, Ralph Lauren, Chanel and Gianni Versace. The most well known of his works include sensuous nude studies of supermodels such as Naomi Campbell, Cindy Crawford and Stephanie Seymour. Produced by Fondazione Forma per la Fotografia in co-operation with Herb Ritts Foundation.
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Silja Selonen, Sonata, studioexhibition in the tower 26.5.-16.9.

The name of exhibition -Sonata- denotes to sounds of nature and melody of life. Beside exposed paintings you can listen to immemorial genetic code. Last year Silja had opportunity to work with scientists in Turku University`s Biochemistry department of Molecular Plant Biology. Assistant professor Paula Mulo introduced her to one of the oldest bacteria on earth. Part of its genetic code has now been transformed to frequencies by using audio-software. The software is based on measurements of molecules resonations, so You can say that this sound-file is an auditory structure of certain molecule.

From the headphones downstairs You can hear a simple synthetic vibraphone-melody. It is a fragment of 3,5 billion years old genetic code. It belonged to a primitive life-form on early earth and it still is resonating in every living creature. It echoes in leaves of trees, in algae of seas and in every cell of Yours. You can share a moment with this old message. Music upstairs is a composition of the code variated during Sound Art- studies this spring. It is a tone of initial sea and unending life. Silja Selonen makes art of perception. She is studying nature and natural sciences to understand the laws of universe. When painting she often combines abstraction to realism, and is interested in innovative techniques.

Nanna Susi In the Moods
Canal Cheong Jagerroos, Floating Island - Tower

Nanna Susi is one of the most famous Finnish artists and cosmopolitan. In the Moods -exhibition shows a deeper view into Nanna Susi´s production during decades. Read more

Canal Cheong Jagerroos ´Floating Island´ includes the newest paintings and installation pieces, as well as some sketches from the last 30 years. Read more