Salo Art Museum Roundhouse
Mariankatu 14, 24240 Salo
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For visual artists

Dear artist, Are you interested in offering an exhibition to the Salo Art Museum?

The Salo Art Museum organizes various types of exhibitions, such as group exhibitions, private exhibitions and exhibitions by invitation, as well as historically themed exhibitions. Our selection is varied, and we emphasize quality and exploratory research in the exhibitions. You can seek an exhibition time at the Salo Art Museum as a single person or as a team of artists.

The Art Museum does not charge rent for exhibition space. The Art Museum does not participate in expenses of the production of pieces, but it is responsible for marketing and taking care of the practical arrangements in the exhibition area. We organize around three main exhibitions a year and the same number of exhibitions in the tower studio.

The Salo Art Museum exhibition space consists of four large exhibition halls, as well as a small studio space in the tower. The main gallery space has four halls totaling 600 square meters. We are aimed at large exhibition collections. The surfaces of the walls are painted brick or hardboard. The ceiling in each room has several attachment devices for heavy sculptures. There is also special equipment for video, but no separate area for video presentations. See the floorplan of the exhibition spaces.

Please send your informal application in hardcopy to the Salo Art Museum, Mariankatu 14, 24240 Salo Finland. Images should also be printed out (max. A4 size). Applications will not be returned, so it is recommended to use normal color copies for images. The application must include contact info, CV, a brief overview about the aims and content of the exhibition, as well as its size. You may also suggest a preference for timing (e.g. the year). The Salo Art Museum exhibition space is primarily intended for professional working artists.

Location: Main halls or tower
Name of the artist / team of artists
Contact person (if a group)
Other applicants (if a group)
Telephone number
E-mail address
Desired exhibition time
Attachments (exhibition proposal, CV, image)
Visual material may be used in the museum´s publicity and marketing, if the exhibition time is granted: Yes No