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Nanna Susi In the Moods - retrospective
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Nanna Susi In the Moods -exhibition shows a deeper view into Nanna Susi´s production during decades. Nanna Susi is one of the most famous Finnish artists and cosmopolitan. Canal Cheong Jagerroos is building her own studio exhibition Floating Island in the museum tower. Both two artists have been co-operating together with an exhibition project Blue and Red representing different cultures: Canal Cheong Jagerroos from China, and Nanna Susi from Finland. The works of the two artists reflect the everyday life, history, culture and surroundings they encountered, filtered through their own artistic expression and cultural background. Both artists will be on show touring among four art museums in Finland starting from Salo.

Video of Blue and Red-journey (director, camera P.J. Piippo, 13:25)