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The city´s art collection

Municipal Art The Salo Art Museum´s managed collection is comprised of approximately 2,300 works of art. Most of these works - more than 1,500 pieces -are owned by the city of Salo. This portion of the collection can be referred to as the municipal art collection, because most of the works were inventoried in the city´s art collection when the Art Museum was founded in 1998. Over the years different administrative units had acquired pieces in their collections. Also, at the time of the fusion of municipalities in 2009, pieces were added to the collection. The collection primarily includes works from the post-war period to the present day. The works of this so-called municipal art collection are continually placed in different facilities and service points in the city, and the collection is complemented by annual acquisitions of contemporary art by the Art Museum.

Percent for Art

The other type of collection includes Percent for Art acquisitions. Those acquisitions made on the basis of so-called percent logic are determined by an art acquisition committee. The emphasis of the percent acquisitions is especially on high-quality domestic contemporary art, as the idea has been to support the work of living artists. The percent principle of Salo has been applied since the 1970s. This is the reason why there was such a strong emphasis on the work of local artists prior to the founding of the museum. No other Finnish collection has such a broad representation of artists from the Salo area. According to the percent principle, one percent of the city of Salo´s total target development costs is used for the acquisition of art. The art acquisitions following the percent principle of Salo can be found here. The art acquired on the basis of the percent principle is tailored to the target, and its purpose is to be a permanent part of interior design. Just like any art placed in an institution, the purpose of Percent for Art is to cheer up and enliven the environment and to provide a pleasurable and aesthetic experience for people engaged in business and work. The Salo Art Museum is augmenting both the municipal art collection and the Percent for Art collection in accordance with the collection policy approved in 2010 by the board of cultural services.


The other works managed by the Salo Art Museum belong to several deposit collections, the largest of which is the Artist Viljo Hurme Foundation deposit collection. It includes the works of Viljo Hurme, which have been donated to the Foundation, as well as new acquisitions -mainly of young contemporary artists - made by the Foundation. The Artist Viljo Hurme Foundation has authorized the Art Museum to take care of the works and situate them in the city´s institutions and service points.

Common property

The collections (the municipal and Percent for Art collections) owned by the city of Salo, as well as the Artist Viljo Hurme Foundation´s deposit collection, represent an extensive representation of the production of artists in the Salo area. Since the 1990s, the techniques of work have become more diverse. Along with traditional painting and graphics, textile and light productions have emerged. Some of the works are kinetic. Collections have been acquired by residents through tax revenue, meaning that they co-own them with Salo. By taking care of these art collections, the Salo Art Museum is supporting the value of the Finnish cultural heritage.