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Art acquisition

Art Museum acquisitions

The Salo Art Museum annually acquires works of art from its own allotted resources for its collections. The museum director and curator decide on procurement following the city´s economic guidelines. Works are purchased from the museum´s own exhibitions and exhibitions from other museums and galleries, as well as directly from artists or sometimes in other ways, for example, when the provenance of a historical piece is known. Acquisitions for the museum collections follow collection policy. The purpose of augmenting the collections of the Salo Art Museum is to enhance the well-being of the city´s public environment . Works of art are part of a constructed environment; along with furniture and other decorative elements, they create for a location its own character and flavor, giving energy and joy to the eye.

Percent for Art acquisitions, art acquisition committee

Of the art collection of the city of Salo, which totals approximately 1500 works of art, over 350 pieces belong to the Percent for Art collection. These works have been acquired for a specific purpose, often as orders for different departments and offices. The collections have been growing since the 1960s on the basis of the percent principle, according to which one percent of the total cost of new construction or major renovation targets Is used for acquiring art. Since the beginning, local artists have been strongly considered for these purchases. Decisions for art acquisitions for the Art Museum of the city of Salo are made by the art acquisition committee.

The art acquisition committee of the city of Salo includes:

  • The museum director (chair) and curator (secretary), who initiate the acquisition
  • The technical expert as construction representative from the technical branch of the city and the design representative.
  • The orderer, the representative of the construction or major renovation target, as well as additional experts as needed