Salo Art Museum Roundhouse
Mariankatu 14, 24240 Salo
Tel. +358 (0)2 778 4892

Rental Space

Space can be rented in the Salo Art Museum for different events, such as meetings and parties. One can rent only part of the space (e.g. the tower or the cafeteria) or, when appropriate, all facilities (including the exhibition halls). Catering can easily be ordered with the rental.

Café area

The café area in the Art Museum is an excellent place for parties and meetings. From the cozy café is a direct view of the handsome old locomotive in the roundhouse courtyard. The 40-person occupancy café is located on the first floor of the museum, and there is unimpeded access. The room has a smart screen projector, and other supplies are also available for meetings.

The café´s offerings are available only by advance reservation. We warmly recommend adding to your rental a delicious meal! It´s nicer to meet on a full stomach, and for special occasions it is possible to get a beautiful table with all kinds of delicacies.


The tower has a small meeting room, which is also used as an exhibition space. The room is perfect for small meetings. If you are wishing for privacy and peace in the space you rent, the tower is an excellent choice. The table in the tower can fit a total of ten people.

Located on the third floor of the tower, the space is accessed by a spiral staircase. There is no elevator to the space.

Lecture space

In connection with the third exhibition hall, the Salo Art Museum has an open lecture space which nowadays mainly serves for exhibitions and workshops. Its availability for meetings must be requested separately.

The entire museum

Associations, city institutions and companies can rent all of the spaces of the museum outside of opening hours for the exhibitions. The rental of the space then includes four exhibition halls, a café area, the tower and the lecture space, if it is not in use for an exhibition. The exhibition halls are suitable, for example, for having a concert. For more information and prices on renting space, inquire from the info desk of the Art Museum at +358 2 7784892

All rentals can be combined with café serving. The 40-person occupancy Café Veturitalli is open by prior arrangement. Refreshments are planned according to your wishes. The café is also licensed to sell alcohol.

Please make food arrangements personally with the café / Marjo Katajainen tel. +358 50 533 3723 and rentals of spaces directly with the Art Museum.

For renters

Conference equipment The Salo Art Museum has a wide variety of meeting facilities. When renting a space, in accord with prior agreement you can take advantage of the following devices:

  • smart screen projector (located in the café)
  • video projector
  • audio equipment
  • portable PC, connected to the city network document camera
  • flip chart
  • overhead projector
  • stage (can be built in different sizes, one module is 1m x 2m in size)
  • Spark Internet connection
  • The café area can be temporarily darkened to show a smart screen projector presentation, for example.