Salo Art Museum Roundhouse
Mariankatu 14, 24240 Salo
Tel. +358 (0)2 778 4892


Organization of the Museum

The Salo Art Museum is governed by the cultural sector of welfare services in the organization of the city of Salo. Welfare services are directed by the deputy mayor Kai Saarimaa. In addition to the Art Museum of Salo, SAMU - the historical museum of Salo - belongs to the museum sector of cultural services.

Like the college, library services and sports facilities, cultural services operate under the governance of a recreation committee. In addition to his or her own responsibilities, the recreation manager acts as supervisor for cultural services and sports facilities. The supervisor of the sports facilities, Hilpi Tanska, functions as recreation manager.

The board members of Salo´s recreation committee are

Leena Ahonen-Ojala (Social Democratic Party), Chairman
Minna Valjanen (Center Party) 1st Vice-Chairman
Ari Aalto (National Coalition Party) 2nd Vice-Chairman

Petra Alanne (Center Party)
Juha Björkstrand (True Finns Party)
Jani Hirvimäki (True Finns Party)
Taina Kirves-Järvinen (National Coalition Party)
Mika Kortelainen (National Coalition Party)
Andi Mwegerano (Center Party)
Aimo Peltonen (Social Democratic Party)
Elina Seitz (Christian Democrats)
Anna Seppälä (Social Democratic Party)
Leila Åkerlund (Left Alliance)

Basic information about the Salo Art Museum

The Salo Art Museum is a member of the Finnish Museums Association. The Finnish Museums Association is the central organization of museology.

For the art museum, the city of Salo receives an allotment of four person-years from the government. In 2011, the government dispensation totaled 106,113 euros. According to 2011 data, there are 156 museums, of which 125 are municipal or private museums that fall within the scope of government compensation. The Salo Art Museum is one of these 125 museums.

There are a total of 325 museum sites. Of these, 54 are art museums (equaling 17 percent of the total number of museum sites).

The Salo Art Museum has a manager and curator with training in the field of museology, as well as four professional employees on a permanent basis. The Art Museum has its own dedicated building, which is open all year around. The museum has its own art collections and design-based economy .

The statistics of the Salo Art Museum for 2012

The calculatory person-year that justifies state compensation 7%
State compensation for four person-years 99,623 e
Discretionary government subsidy, grants, subsidies 14,865 e
Total expenses 655,755 e (salary expenses 313,424 e; property expenditures 148,944 e; collection acquisition costs 29,344 e; and other costs 164,043e)
Income from the municipality 480,028 e Profits 61,239 e (entrance ticket sales 30,086 e; other sales 30,122 e; services and other revenue 1,031 e)